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10 Tips & 5 Questions to Choose Best Orange County Auto Glass Repair

A blemish on an auto glass of a car is not something that just looks unlikely; it can be extremely dangerous too! According to auto glass experts, driving with a crack on the car glass is a threat to safety both for driver and others sitting, as it is more susceptible to accidents.

Orange County Auto Glass Repair is the solution to this concern. If you have any problem with your automobile glass, fix it!

Professionals can repair and also perform mobile auto glass installation Orange County without a hitch. No matter what car you have, they can get you original, high-quality brand glass that will suit your car best.

But the concern remains, how will you choose the best company? There are few tips that you must keep in mind to get supreme service for your automobile.

10 Tips to Choose the Orange County Auto Glass Repair and Installation

  1. Check review of the company online or other sources.
  2. Always opt for the one who will clear all your queries.
  3. Make sure that you take a rough price quote.
  4. Check the glass before installation.
  5. For windshield repair, Orange County, ask about their process.
  6. Get a warranty from them.
  7. See how long they are in the same field.
  8. Inquire about the type of glass they will use.
  9. Know about the delivery date.
  10. Get information about the other services too!

These tips will help you to get cream service from the top-notch auto repair company. Now, going back to the second point of queries, what are the few questions that you must ask? If you are not clear, then here are some of the questions that you must ask.

5 Must Ask Questions Regarding Auto Glass Repair and Installation

1. Do you use OEE or OEM glass?

OEE means Original Equipment Equivalent and OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer. Depending on what is your demand, professionals will suggest you the best.

2. How long will the windshield repair Orange County take?

It can take minimum 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the type of work automobile requires.

3. After how long of the process, one can use the automobile?

Once the process is over, it is ready for use after an hour. In case it requires longer time, the experts will let you know.

4. My car’s rearview mirror is attached to the windshield, how will you replace it?

In these cases, the automobile technicians will attach the same to the new windshield. In case you need a new rearview mirror, they will provide that too!

5. Will the chip or crack be visible after repair?

Yes, it will be visible. If you are going for a repair, the crack will be visible. But when it comes to mobile auto glass installation Orange County, it will be a new glass.

Do you know the best place for all auto glass work in Orange County?

Orange County Auto Glass Repair center is the best for your choice. Along with competitive price, they provide a top notch service with warranty and that too in a very short time. After that, once the work is over, technicians will vacuum your car also. Moreover, if you need any recommendation or have any query, they will solve it in no time!

Find The Best Orange County Auto Glass Installation Company

Have you heard of the saying “you get what you pay for”? Well, this saying perfectly applies to the auto glass industry. Today, as a number of glass wholesale distribution companies are available, it is easy to access the parts of your vehicle no matter what model it is.

orange county auto glass

However, the industry is full of scams too that do not have any resale license. Although they might be selling worthy products, but they can leave a customer in an unsafe position. That demands consumers to be careful in their selection.

After air bags and seat belts, the most important feature in the safety of a vehicle is the windshield. It plays the role of a backboard for air bags. In case any accident happens, the air bags move in the most appropriate direction for the protection the front passengers. Other than this, the windshield is also responsible for keeping the debris away while you are driving. Nobody can imagine driving or riding a car that does not have a windshield. The glass windows are meant to provide the same kind of protection to the passengers. In case your windshield has been damaged due to the accident, then you need the services of a company that can provide reliable auto glass installation Orange County.
In case you don’t know where to begin with, here are some useful tips that can help you finding the best one:

Check its insurance
As you come across a company, the first thing to do is inquire about the business insurance. You can ask the company to show the policy copy too. If the company has insurance, then it means it will safeguard you and your passengers as you will know that the installation is safe. You would not want to risk the life of you or your family with unsafe installation. Therefore, your first question should be to ask for the insurance.

What adhesive do they use?
You must know what kind of adhesive does the company use? It is the adhesive that ensures the bond of the glass to the vehicle. Do some research on your own to find out what adhesive is going to be best? If the company isn’t using the best ones, then it is wise to switch to another one.

Quality of glass
Here is another important thing that you have to ask from the company that is doing auto glass installation Orange County. The glass should be high in quality. Also ask about the price. The company will tell you that they have different quality levels of glass and they differ in price. The best quality glass should be your choice because it is the matter of safety. The best brands in that case are Guardian, Pilkington and PGW.

Check the reviews
It is now easy to find the auto glass repair orange county service online. All you have to do is check the reviews to be sure you have chosen the right one.

You can count on services provided by Orange Country Auto Glass Repair. They are licensed and insured. Call them now at 888-449-7746 to get more details.

How to Install Auto Glass?

If you have had a minor accident or you have suffered an irreparable chip to your windshield then there is a good chance that you will need to have your windshield replaced in order to be able to continue driving your vehicle.

orange county auto glass

Although this is unfortunate, the good thing is that auto glass installation is not a complicated procedure, and can be done relatively quickly. Although there are lots of auto glass installation specialists available to help you if you want an expert to replace your windshield, you can actually do your own auto glass installation if you have all the necessary equipment and here is how:

The first thing you need to do when carrying out an auto glass installation is to source a new piece of glass. You can get this from auto glass specialists, direct from the makers of your car, from a junkyard, or from other sources; as long as the glass is intended for your model of vehicle, then it does not matter. Wash the glass before you carry out your auto glass installation, to ensure that it is free from oil or grease. If the glass isn’t properly clean, then the adhesive which you use will not be able to form a proper seal.

Once you have new glass, you can begin to remove the sealant which keeps the old windshield in place. Try to do this carefully, so as not to damage the rest of the vehicle, then carefully remove the old pane of auto glass.

Once the glass is removed, clean the track area where the old glass came out of, to remove all traces of dirt, dust and glass. You must also ensure that all traces of the old sealant are removed, or else this could comprise the new seal when in place, and it may not be watertight or air tight.

When the area is clean, put in more special auto glass installation adhesive, and gently put the new piece of glass into place. The glass should fit securely and not be able to move around at all, even before the adhesive is dry. Use an auto glass sealant around the edges of the new windshield to ensure that the glass has a watertight and airtight seal. When the adhesive and sealant are dry, you can remove any excess sealant which may have got on the new windshield, but take care not to remove any of the functional sealant.

Although you can do this yourself, auto glass installation experts are often able to source new windshield more quickly and they are often able to fit a new windshield within hours of the original incident happening. Many auto glass fitters are even able to carry out their work by the roadside, meaning that you can drive away as soon as the installation is complete! Either way, having a new windshield fitted does not have to be a costly or time consuming experience, so do not panic if you need to get a new windshield fitted.


Resource box: Whether you decide to do your own auto glass installation or contact an auto glass installation expert, always ensure that your auto glass is securely in place before driving the vehicle.

How To Repair a Chipped or Cracked Windshield?

The windshield is the front glass of a car. Many people do not know how important it is to check their car’s windshield condition (this is important because you might not know when the glass will crack or break).


The majority of damaged windshields are caused during driving on the freeway behind the big semi trucks or trailers.

The crack of the windshield usually is caused by the stones that roll under the semi’s tires and shoot out at the car behind it, causing the glass to chip or crack. When by accident it gets chipped or cracked, the windshield will need replacement because by any chance the glass could break and there will be a higher chance of danger.

During an accident, when the airbags pop, the cracked windshield might not sustain the pressure and might break or even push out from its location. Another important fact about windshields is that they protect the roof of the cars from collapsing in case of a rollover. Without a windshield, the roof of the car might collapse during a rollover. Windshields hold the roof and keep the passengers safe inside. A cracked windshield sometimes creates an immediate sun glare in a sunny day. An immediate sun glare creates temporary blindness and that can cause a serious accident.

There are many local auto glass companies that repair chipped and cracked windshields. The technician(s) evaluate the size and type of cracks (this is their specialty).
Auto glass technician(s) can evaluate the windshield damage and prevent a chip to convert to a crack from spreading further. They can repair auto glass and leave the factory seal around the glass intact. That’s why it’s important to repair a windshield chip as soon as you spot it. The repair process will often take less than half an hour to complete and restores the structural integrity of the windshield.
An expert auto glass technician should also check for the type of windshield that you might have such as:

Rain sensing windshields Windshield with film protection Heated windshields Heads up display windshield
In general, the majority of car insurance companies cover the cost of the repairing or replacing of the auto glasses. You can also contact you car insurance company in case of chips and cracks on the windshield.

Whenever you decide it is time to repair the cracked windshield of your car, go online and find the best deals.